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Our History

Chesapeake Investment Planning LLC was founded with the goal of helping clients achieve and maintain financial security. With the incredible changes in the financial industry over the past 15 years, our founder and president Todd Wilhoit—a former advisor for larger banks—recognized the need to maintain a service-focused industry instead of following the masses into an increasingly popular yet more impersonal sales-focused industry. He believed—and still does—that providing clients a personal touch is a critical factor in creating a long-lasting, solid, and mutually beneficial professional relationship. 

In 2009, Todd created Chesapeake Investment Planning with the express purpose of preserving that increasingly elusive personal client relationship. With his more than 16 years’ experience in the financial industry, Todd is quite adept at financial development, investment management, and insurance planning. His passion for helping his clients create a path to financial independence rests at the heart of Chesapeake Investment Planning’s mission.

Todd’s idea was quite simple: To create a Wall Street-competitive company while retaining a hometown touch. With this philosophy—coupled with our outstanding team members who share more than 50 years of combined experience—Chesapeake Investment Planning is striving to rise to the top of the financial advising community while providing that personal touch that our clients need and want. Through our exclusive and innovative four-phase strategy, we cultivate a meaningful relationship with our clients that begins with getting to know their needs and current financial capabilities, creates and maintains a long-term investment strategy, and culminates with regular monitoring and adjusting to ensure the plan continues to function to meet clients’ needs.

Today, Chesapeake Investment Planning has grown to be among the industry leaders and we are pleased to announce the recent opening of our two new offices: on the eastern shore of Virginia and in Crofton, Maryland.